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Marketing Committee Meeting - 1-23-18

The Marketing Committee met on the 23rd to go over events for the first half of 2018.

We have 3 RBBA-created events so far:

3/31/18 THE GREAT RED BANK EGG HUNT - Wendy Jones of A Time to Kiln will captain this event. Participating Sponsorship is $50 (meaning you'll be mentioned in all collateral and you will be a participant location for finding eggs in the hunt) and $25 for Non-Participating sponsorship (meaning you'll be mentioned in all collateral but you won't be a location for finding eggs). Anyone who wants to work on this event please contact Wendy and let her know. We will need people to collect prizes before the event as well as working registration and line control the day of the event. This event was incredibly successful last year and we anticipate even better turnout this year, so please consider both sponsorship and volunteering before - and day of - the event. We'll be sending out info on how to sponsor and/or participate in the event shortly.

5/3/18 THE RBBA SPRING FASHION SHOW (name to be determined) - Nicole Lindenbaum of Sorella Bella and Alkmini O'Brian of For The Love of Details will be captaining this event. Name, theme, location, and sponsorship details to follow. Participating sponsors can be fashion, accessories, hair and make-up. You can also sponsor this as a non-participant and still have your business featured in collateral. We'll be sending out info on how to sponsor and/or participate shortly.

6/16/18 THE RED BANK CLASSIC 5K RUN This event is being captained by Angela Courtney. This will be a HUGE event for the town and will need lots of sponsorship and volunteers. The demo for this event is exactly who you want your business exposed to. For details about sponsorship, go to


In addition to the events we are creating, there are other events we will support because they impact all of us.

2/6/18 VIEW FOR TWO This is a wedding event hosted by the Molly Pitcher. Find out more at:


5/5/18 RED BANK STYLE EXPERINCE This is RiverCenter's replacement for Girls Night Out. As they have not finalized the details of this event yet, the RBBA Marketing committee has not yet made a determination if we will encourage our membership to participate. We are attending the RC Marketing Committee meetings and will let you know if we think they've put together the elements to make this a good ROI of the participant fee.

Check back with us here as well as the RBBA private FB page as we release details of our events including sponsorship/participation cut off dates for each event. We're working on some great things to get the Red Bank brand out there to create excitement in town!

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